We assess the strength, fitness, muscle imbalances and posture of individuals in general and as related to their specific sport or lifestyle and then address weaknesses in order to improve performance and daily activities.

Provided Physiotherapies

We Provide

  • Rapid Recovery:
    Faster recovery, strength and healing as it increases circulation in the limbs rapidly removing inflammatory fluids and allowing rich blood and nutrients back to areas requiring restoration and repair.
  • High Performance
    Testing and
    We look at:
    • Biomechanics
    • Muscle strength and balance
    • Joints stability
    • Proprioception and balance
    • Flexibility
    • Endurance
    We do team testing for performance evaluation, program prescription (based on testing outcomes and norms) and re-testing to measure progress.
    We do individual testing to evaluate personal weaknesses in muscle balance, posture, power etc., program prescription based on test results and re-testing to evaluate progress.
  • Kinesio Taping:
    Dynamic taping used for support, circulation and muscle activation/deactivation during and after exercise

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